Just Another Day

These are one of the days I hate. Its the day, I go to the job that pays the bills, make dinner, have multiple arguments with child, eat, wash up and bedtime. Don’t have much time to write and all the while my main character calls to me for her story to get written. On a constant pause and all the while I feel that she and also he are looking at me, wondering what the hell is wrong with me? Why can’t I write on the days that I go to work?

I am working hard to finish my book but its never quick enough. I feel time go by so quickly and then its time to make appointments, clean, see my mom, do the schedule for my son. Its like I just started writing and then the time is up, I love it though. I love how many pages that I complete by the end of that, what I believe to be, short time. The adrenaline of seeing my characters in action in my mind as I play out their story.

But here is my dilemma, I am not young anymore. Is it stupid to think I can make a career of writing when I am this old? Yes Yes, its never too late but as Ive said before I have wasted so much time with excuses.

I guess today’s lesson is…. Don’t waste time.. Make time on what you love


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