Writing and Not Writing

So I decided to start my blog so anyone with the want or in my case the need to write and have road blocks in your life, know that your not alone. I have always loved writing but life has always been my road block. Now it’s my son of 12 years who is just about to be 13 and “doesn’t care” about anything. I know he does but getting him to get unstuck is always difficult.

I decided no matter what, to start writing consistently 2 or more days per week. On  Sunday I write at home in the morning no matter if my son is at his dads or not. I then write at the coffee shop as soon as I drop my husband off at work at 6:45am until whenever I feel that I need to leave. (usually until noon or 1pm)

I wrote a book when I was younger, which helped me survive a life that was a bit hard. But between hanging out with the wrong crowd, family who doesn’t care too much about if your going to be OK or not and making bad choices about unprotected sex, that book remained locked in a 9 year old’s mind. I attempted at a time in my life to rewrite that story but without solid story background and my oldest who was a handful, I was told by my friend (be careful–this can ruin friendships) that it lacked substance.

Heartbroken and rejected, I stopped with a big old helping of troubled child and writers block.

Now I am diving into the story again and it is going great… not all the time smoothly but it has its moment… I have the base of the story but getting it from beginning, middle and then end, that can be hard.

The other thoughts that I have is, am I a one book wonder? Will they all hate it? Am I not as good as I feel that I am?

I try to remove those thoughts because I love to write and even if I self publish (I would prefer not too) I will.

I am excited about this trip that I am going on and I hope you enjoy coming along with the ride.


Lovingly yours

My writer self



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