His and Her demons

(Typing on the phone in may car)

The strength it took her to get up that day was like being choked by that one horrible man. Her bed faced the window and as the light came through her curtains, she wished she purchased those blackout curtains so the Ray’s of light couldn’t penetrate her demons.

“What demons?”, she whispered as if those words were meant to be secret. If she was referring to the demons in her head, true darkness would only make them more ghoulish and “monster under the bed like.”

Or if referring to her demons as her relationship then couldnt she just sleep with the next man, get over him then be the one that chokes the other until almost dead?

“Hmmm what an entertaining idea.”

She looked at the clock and knew that it had to be done even though the weight of it all made her feel frozen.

Slowly she lifted her head, shoulders, back off the bed as she sat for a moment and rested her bare feet on what felt hard and immovable. She looked down and smiled as she sat for a moment knowing that the clock was a minute more then it was a moment ago.

“Dont worry, demon I’ll be gentle!”

As she stepped her full weight down she felt him jerk at the pain that was caused to him not moments before she fell asleep.

And as she found the strength to face her demon one last time, she felt her hands on her sore neck and knew that she would heal one day.

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