Homeless thoughts?

This gentlemen is one of many vets that are homeless, in a pretty decent neighborhood at a corner, by a million or billion dollar hospital. Does every homeless person have a story? Do they have sob stories about after the war and coming home to a country that literally turned their back on them? Or are they millionaires trying to make more money?

Is the thought that the homeless are really rich people make it a reason to not give them something?

Why did I take a picture of this Vet? Because this man is the symbol of failure in our eyes and even though he or she probably lived a life of saving someone, or maybe losing a family, addiction, job loss, millions of reasons that they got were they are now, no matter what success they have had this is the moment that matters now. Why?

No I am not homeless and yes I have family were maybe this person doesn’t have family, so yes I am lucky. But being a writer this is what we fear most, is it not? To quit our jobs, write that book and be the biggest seller that your heart could even take. How bout them apples?

But what if it doesn’t work out? What if the hard work, sweat, time spent writing  instead of cleaning your home, or spending time with your children was for nothing? What if you loose your job, home, family until you have no one or nothing?


What if we are not good enough?

This scares me….. i am sure it scares most. At this time of my life, I have wasted most of it by being foolish, but now that I am getting this book done, it is a physical thing that I will see on the shelf of a library or in the hands of my proud mother. I am so confident that my book is not only interesting it is unique and awesome……….

But is it? I have set my whole life on being a writer to fail at every corner and now here I am. At the cusp of my success, showing everyone here that “Oh yea she really did write a book, I thought she was just messing with us!”

So Homeless man as a picture on this blog?

1.Something rude and socially horribly to capture a true American at a low point.

2.A way to remind everyone to give to the poor

3. A tasteless act to fill the picture at the top of my blog.

4. An incredible desperate move to think of someone elses misfortune this time?


Hmm who knows…. Or maybe Vet and God Bless where the biggest words on his board…. hmmm

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