Through Sickness and in Health

So I have put out two new stories, a example of me as a writer, one new and one old……. The new one I was sitting in my car and I knew that I had to get that story out that I promised with my bonus post. Then I found that there was a way to password protect a blog—– JUST IN CASE–

Well so I figured since our art is neither perfect, innocent or always godly well not everyone wants to read our art— and that is just fine… But I like to write about all things not just kids books or vampire but Yes not so classy stuff… There I said it, I really did!

I am a lover of  most Genre– my favorite well I don’t really know— that’s the issue..My book is the problem– I can see it being, romantic– but not so much…. Horror–but is it?  Fantasy but it doesn’t really fit either…. so here Ive got this odd, doesn’t fit right, sitting in the corner while being miss creepy and stalking the romance novels, wishing Fabio could kill them most violently, and then laughs cause the joke was to good or so she thought…….

That’s right— where does my book fit?

That’s the question all authors HAVE to have the answer before looking for someone or chances to getting your foot in the shoes are slim to none— more none.

So now that I am aware the Dissociative Disorder that had taken its shape as my book– I need to figure out how to fix it… So while I am fixing that, gotta say the sticking to writing my book and this post on a constant schedule is becoming harder. Between a bad case of, “someone didn’t prepare food right at your expensive sushi restaurant which I want to thank the person who paid for dinner but kick the people responsible for mentioning it

(the award goes to Mr. and Mrs. Lindor for the hard work of my intestinal capabilities….. crowd stands up and cheers, while Mrs. Lindor runs off the stage to use the bathroom again)

and being tired for acting like a twenty year old and — oh wait I am…(looks around to see who will know who I am and point at my 21 year old son)

So to get to the point of this scary post, hard work will pay for itself, I know it and health is poor but if the words don’t get on that paper, notepad, notebook, computer, table top, arm and shoulder, or even the mashed potatoes that have now became a smeared mess, cause it was damn good potatoes, then it will just hang there, egging you on and pushing you around until u want to scream.


SO GO WRITE or at least read my blogs and my stories and share things my amazing readers!!!!!




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