So I think that when I am getting closer to the book to be done, the nerves are out. Not that I will get rejected because oddly enough, if I get rejected someone will eventually say yes. I also figured that if after so long I get no luck I will self publish.

I don’t want to self publish my first book… Is that Lame? I have a set of children’s stories that I might self publish but my first book is my baby. I wouldn’t just put my kids in the lion den and scream “dinner time!” So why leave the publishing and the final edit up to me, the author who already feels that I am a writer God.. I am like a doctor with a god complex except I like to kill my people… No I gave up being a nurse– so no worries.

My husband says my writing is good but he also likes me sometimes sooooo… Well I have accomplished my blog for the day so yaaaaa.. Nite all and don’t forget that if I like you I promise I wont kill you off on the first chapter.

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