The Day That I Don’t Write=-[

There comes a time in a young or in my case old writers life that we don’t write for one day. One day where my husband thinks I need a break or my son needs my attention a little more then usual. Or I am sick, whatever it is, means I don’t write.

When a person diets, its best to take at least one day eating something you enjoy.

When a person exercises, you take a day to rest.

When you’ve been up all day, a person sleeps.

So why not take a break from writing?

Anyone know why?

To make money? To waste time on writing something that wont make a difference?

The answer, and I bet most of you know is………..the love of it.

To see the story that flows from your mind, on paper, computer, whatever it is, its like jumping out of the plane, thousands of feet in the air. Its like sex with your soul mate for the hundredth time. Its like the best piece of chocolate or a warm bath after a really crappy day.

What is that? I have always wondered about where that love comes from. Its almost like a mothers love for her children. My book is like that feeling, a feeling of total and undeniable love. When I think about writing, about not writing, during writing, after writing.

For years I put my pen down… every day it sucked my soul a little at a time. Have you felt that way as well… Is not to write like being in love with a soulless man or woman?

When I am told to take a break or I have to take a break its suffocating. Even if I wrote everyday for 8 hours per day— i would be ok with that.

Writing is my space to my balls

My princess to my bride

My Stephen to my king

Writing I love……..

Good nite and sweet dreams!!

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