The “Shameless” rant.. if I were Frank

“My destiny you say…my destiny is life’s little f you, just so you know. Isn’t destiny a romantic pillar of what we could turn to our neighbor and say we were destined to be a mother? NO you got slutty, pumped those stupid kids out of your once semi ok body and BAM, motherhood.

You might as well say we were destined to die….that’s the for sure destiny…death. We all do it, right? We all pack our collection of rocks, will it to some idiot that will look at those rocks and go “aw I remember my cousin Jenny”, then we die..

All stabbed up and dressed in our best, for jerks to say how much they’ll miss you. Really??? They miss not calling one more idiot you stopped calling years more idiot to fix Christmas dinner for.

One more idiot to have to buy a gift that you found at the dollar store during Christmas? Oh yea I know I’m getting off subject about destiny. Destiny is funny, you know. Destiny sales guns, and safe houses, better school, heck even valentine cards…

Without someone shoveling something saying “we can make our destiny” most of those Walmart and hallmark stores would go broke. I mean we can change our destiny if we had this and if we had that. Those penny pushers and their financial gain schemes, “buy your hunny a card to tell her how sweet you are”. I put food on the table, that’s enough. A card a candy, just money I could have spent on buying beef for the selfish man of mine!

Well if that’s all you need to say, buy me a drink… HA that’s your destiny, right now!

See maybe your right…


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