Busy bee sometimes forgets the honey!!

Yea so Mother, Wife, Writer, Employee, Housewife, Doctor, Playmate, banker, Accountant are all my titles. So when you have so many titles you don’t do well with most of them.

Sadly when reviewing these things the one I have to do the most is Employee. The job that pays the bills until writer becomes paying job. Employee is the one on my list that I do the most and that’s the one is dislike the most. 8 hours plus per day 5 days a week with ultimately strangers helping other strangers with their needs.

So I know how lucky I am, I do and I may seem a little whiny here but when I sit at my desk and I am there, all I think about is being here. Here where I can write about how to get the character to fall in love with the other character Thea and Blake.

How can I make Maxwell’s death the most gruesome and amazing death so my readers can go “Holy cow, I never thought that someone can do that and want to write about it.” I feel that my characters are in my story and I can imagine Thea looking up from the page going “Arent I important? You have rewritten me and I am starting to get this slamming body and not look like Mario brothers from the original Nintendo and now I only know one word lines…. I NEED DEPTH I NEED SOUL Whats more important then that? I need substance! I need the world to know who I am. I am a survivor of a deceiving family who has powers and a bloodline that is strong, and I need Blake to understand that, that is why I cant do this!!!”

I really don’t want to speak for my other characters because they have real issues. But they do want to be heard, they do want to tell their story that I have kept hidden for years. So I don’t go on social media as much as I want to. I don’t talk or visit with people as much. I don’t clean my house like I should. I do however go to my sons games and we are expecting to have an 80s movie Marathon next weekend. I did slow dance with my husband in our living room, cause hes cool like that and I plan to go visit my family.

But this book is almost done, my reader is getting anxious aka my sister who is into this genre and is a fast reader. So I wanted to Blog becuase you are important to me as well!


Good day and happy writing till next time!!

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