On top of things and on the bottom

So here is where I’ve been for a couple months now trying to set my own timelines and schedule, balancing paying job, kids, household and social life. So that’s my excuse for not posting….. all forgiven? Hope so, not sure if anything is read but I would like to think so. Besides not doing the important things like posting in my blog about my experience as a wanna be writer, but relationships are hard too.

If you literally come to my door, you have my attention, your at the hospital you have my attention… But you want my attention. Good luck!! Anyone else notice how hard that is… Is that telling me that if I become that famous writer, ill be friendless, spouse less, and judged against?

Do we judge someone as busy as us?

I do.. I am terrible– My oldest son doesn’t call me and I judge. My father doesn’t call me, i judge- I am a human person or at least I think–

So enough about judgy me…. I am editing my book and adding the corrections back to the book… Then the scary thought is…. how many times do i do this? Every time I get done editing editing rewriting do i edit edit rewrite again or just throw caution to the wind and “JUST DO IT” hmm

we shall see–


Well its always nice chatting with you all!!



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