Back from the dead and a most welcome book!!

So Please forgive me from not being social lately, the flu has convinced me that the zombie apocalypse is for real. I am still in need of a nebulizer but at least I can now successfully get out of bed, without feeling like I can pass out. So now that I am back from “the dead” I am sitting here at the regular spot, trying to catch up on so much lost time. I thought writing short stories would be simple, I mean we as writers have all these little stories that get stock piled up there somewhere. In a cavern or tunnel, hidden in the depths of the psychopaths locked door, just in reach of a computer and endless hours we don’t have.

Speaking of endless hours, I don’t have. One of my coworkers had said to me, as he noticed my book at my desk. “Where did you find the time, to write a book, how did you have time?” The easy and the hard answer is I had to make time. Like anything that is important and worth doing and amazing, you have to work around that schedule. I am thankful that I have such a great support system and a day off. I take have of that day and write at the coffee shop. I get myself out of the element of chores, calls, tv and anything that takes me a way from the writing.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t get distracted by social media, but to make this work, its necessary

. Without that, I would be publishing with no attention, and I want my baby to get that attention, it deserves.

Anyway so back to the short story problem. My first book I have had in my heart since I was young. An amazing story about vampires and love and hate and a curse, all is great. RIGHT? Then all the years I didn’t get down to writing, vampires blew the heck up. I mean in the 80s and 90s they were there but then everyone made a movie or book about vampires. The more I saw the more I swore and kicked and pulled a tantrum, but I knew in my heart, that my story had something different that no other story had, so the excitement was real.

So it was easy to write the story and finish it. (excluding the second story and so on). But now,  I am in the waters of unknown imagination, stories that have not all been written. New stories that I have to unleash so then I can get something out there and then return to Thea and Blake.

So now I am better, I have some cool pictures to share. One is a kid that stole my book from her mother and my own book that my son and I are holding.. Yes I was sick when I took the pic, but oh well!!

My continued adventure

So Book- written and published, whats next. Promote Promote Promote. Family Friends Strangers… So what that means is— the hope that you don’t annoy people enough or the hope that you do annoy people enough to look at your books.

Follow you on Instagram, Facebook, word press, and twitter. Buy the book and then want to buy another. Reach out to the public life newspapers and tv. Shows like Ellen (Yes I email her every day)

Whats next? Continue with master plan of annoyance and start a new project. So today I am starting a new project, a short story collection. Then while working on that project, continue the story of Thea and Blake. Pray people still are planning on buying the book and reading on kindle. Trying not to give up since the hard work is just beginning.

This month I get to buy my own book and for certain family so they have their own. On this adventure I note a few things, sometimes and I say sometimes, family doesn’t support you as much as coworkers or friends. Its frustrating and sometimes disheartening but the overwhelming love you get from those who truly support you is amazing. Like my editor ie my sister Jade is the one who shared and rooted me on in a big way. She is someone you want in your life as you see those who should support you and don’t or not as much.

I hope in anything you all do you have that person in your life. Well my faithful and small but mighty followers,  hope you check out my book as well, and I hope you have a great Superbowl, whoever you root for.. commercials and all!!


Love your adoring writer and biggest fan

Pure Amazeballs satisfying holy cowing

So since I finally got the nerve to self publish it has been unreal, the moment I can call myself a published writer. The moment that I see my name on a book cover. I grew up with nothing and now I am on to something. Now I am standing at a level of success, whether large or small that I have finally began.

Agent or no agent / publisher or no publisher/ deny deny deny deny…. why? Cause of a title that feels over played– well I believed in my book so much, the title, though common was just the premise of something unique and different.

I feel, no matter why the denials, never heard “its HORRIBLE” “Why would you show me such crap” My eyes are burning from such crap that at least I dont have to look at the abomination that you call writing.”

Maybe agents are like ex employees.. Maybe they cant say its horrible, but its not the right fit.

But I knew better. I believed in myself and that’s what mattered. My story has comedy, gore, surprise, suspense and most of all just a good story.

But yet agents do get lots of stories and so why not self publish– well to self publish, you have to get out there– (WHAT I HAVE TO SOCIALIZE!!!!!!)

You have to trust that a program you decide to use wont mess up your baby.

You have to have a following- people who are as excited as you are– friends, coworkers, family. Even strangers that you meet at sprint that “seem” interested.. But it could’ve been a sales ploy… I really love our new tablet, phone, speaker, Bluetooth headset and gift cards to all my cousins, mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters neighbors in a five mile radius.

So I guess what I would say is YES we see shows with hollywood happy ending but real life isnt so bad.

Truly Truly after school special– deal with it.. HAHAHAHA



The Writers Journey when ready?

So I have neglected to blog and blah I hate that, its like abusing a child. Well who doesn’t hate abuse? Abusers I guess… So for all my readers, friends, families who have ever written a book, poem, something somewhere its scary right? I feel like the most bi polar writer in the whole world… I am confident my book is great …. then the next moment I quiver at the thought of putting together my summary or for all who know BUM BUM BUM…. the infamous “Query” …


  1. Book done
  2. Edit done
  3. Agent search found
  4. Query– confidence gone— WHATS MY BOOK ABOUT????

How do I know what will catch the agents eye? Three or more of some of my nearest and dearest I had to ask to read and the first things that they say are, “I am going to be brutally honest” and I lie and say “Ok!” Inside I am thinking “great book, sucky summary and your brutal honesty will be so brutal I will weep at my desk and swear at my neighbor a bit more.” But their honesty was normal and informative and they didn’t say the story sucked or Jesus, “Twilight Much?”

So I carry myself a little bit higher then I did before because I didn’t take my summary to someone who creeps around, rubbing their hands together and whispering… “I shall hate you and hate your summary, BAHHH HAAAA.”

Mind you, I sometimes picture the agent this way….. But now that I have taken some advise and I am now going to do a final draft and throw the 25 pages or one chapter in the email, I wonder….. “Did I screw myself?”

DID I SCREW MYSELF???????????????????????

This query and example chapter is the door to my success… The door that looks more like the door from the nerdy white kid that seems a little creepy and then come to find out he killed so many people…… Or is it the door of the person that is going to be the most successful person when they get older?  That door….

Did I do enough? Did I? This is a dream that I have peeked at from a far… Did I screw myself? So with fingers crossed and prayers to God, Allah, Metallica or even Stephen King… Its on like Donkey Kong.. So 8 weeks from now Ill know


Wish me good Luck all —

The “Shameless” rant.. if I were Frank

“My destiny you say…my destiny is life’s little f you, just so you know. Isn’t destiny a romantic pillar of what we could turn to our neighbor and say we were destined to be a mother? NO you got slutty, pumped those stupid kids out of your once semi ok body and BAM, motherhood.

You might as well say we were destined to die….that’s the for sure destiny…death. We all do it, right? We all pack our collection of rocks, will it to some idiot that will look at those rocks and go “aw I remember my cousin Jenny”, then we die..

All stabbed up and dressed in our best, for jerks to say how much they’ll miss you. Really??? They miss not calling one more idiot you stopped calling years more idiot to fix Christmas dinner for.

One more idiot to have to buy a gift that you found at the dollar store during Christmas? Oh yea I know I’m getting off subject about destiny. Destiny is funny, you know. Destiny sales guns, and safe houses, better school, heck even valentine cards…

Without someone shoveling something saying “we can make our destiny” most of those Walmart and hallmark stores would go broke. I mean we can change our destiny if we had this and if we had that. Those penny pushers and their financial gain schemes, “buy your hunny a card to tell her how sweet you are”. I put food on the table, that’s enough. A card a candy, just money I could have spent on buying beef for the selfish man of mine!

Well if that’s all you need to say, buy me a drink… HA that’s your destiny, right now!

See maybe your right…