Pure Amazeballs satisfying holy cowing

So since I finally got the nerve to self publish it has been unreal, the moment I can call myself a published writer. The moment that I see my name on a book cover. I grew up with nothing and now I am on to something. Now I am standing at a level of success, whether large or small that I have finally began.

Agent or no agent / publisher or no publisher/ deny deny deny deny…. why? Cause of a title that feels over played– well I believed in my book so much, the title, though common was just the premise of something unique and different.

I feel, no matter why the denials, never heard “its HORRIBLE” “Why would you show me such crap” My eyes are burning from such crap that at least I dont have to look at the abomination that you call writing.”

Maybe agents are like ex employees.. Maybe they cant say its horrible, but its not the right fit.

But I knew better. I believed in myself and that’s what mattered. My story has comedy, gore, surprise, suspense and most of all just a good story.

But yet agents do get lots of stories and so why not self publish– well to self publish, you have to get out there– (WHAT I HAVE TO SOCIALIZE!!!!!!)

You have to trust that a program you decide to use wont mess up your baby.

You have to have a following- people who are as excited as you are– friends, coworkers, family. Even strangers that you meet at sprint that “seem” interested.. But it could’ve been a sales ploy… I really love our new tablet, phone, speaker, Bluetooth headset and gift cards to all my cousins, mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters neighbors in a five mile radius.

So I guess what I would say is YES we see shows with hollywood happy ending but real life isnt so bad.

Truly Truly after school special– deal with it.. HAHAHAHA



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