sleepless self publishing syndrome

This should be a real syndrome, almost like a disability that is newly formed because of the large amount of post published Authors falling asleep at their desk jobs. I thought creating, editing, finding a way to publish the book and then not self destructing as i know people are reading my book, was hard. NOPE. Promoting, stalking, dodging the arms of people that are swatting me to go away after I delightfully jump up and down after another AMAZING person shares my book. Tirelessly working to get the word out so that my following will get excited for the 2nd and so on book.

Now the only advise I would have is make sure the finished project matches what will be sent to your favorite people. As I delightfully flipped thru an actual book with my name on it- I saw a paragraph and then soooo much space until the next sentence.

I don’t know if that would have made a difference honestly but still, it almost broke my heart to see the hard work have a crappy break. But no one seemed to care, the story was what people looked forward to. My coworkers and some of my family all have been amazing. I just hoping to reach the people I don’t know. Take a chance on my book, I scream.

So ending this rant, good day, good afternoon and good nite!!

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