Writing with coffee: is it the new dangerous?

So I do not claim to be the nicest person, I know, I can be mediocre in regard to humanity. I know I joke about my characters, which don’t we all, when we aren’t writing about romantic bliss and guy gets the girl. But even then, don’t we put them in turmoil anyway? I mean its not like we give them the instant gratification of just getting what they want.. Not even Mr. Rodgers, who was all about facing the real problems and situations. Books would be boring then.. (Yes I watched the documentary, very tearful.. LOVE YOU MR. RODGER!!)

But I guess I don’t feel that bad because I know that there are a collection of people and categories for them.

Normal people


Serial Killers with no talent

See, we are just step above the serial Killers but with a touch of talent, sometimes not much but some. What if Ted Bundy was a writer? BEST HORROR NOVEL EVER!!!!

Well probably not but isn’t that how we feel sometimes? Well I guess I should face the day and pray that the muse’s are on my side.

Have A Great Day!!



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