New Look!!

So after attention to detail and a revamp, the book is finally ready!! So now that the book has been out for almost a month, I noticed a trend.

The attention of the book goes like this…..

First Close Family

then coworkers who are hyped up about hearing about your book


and then the books you buy yourself for kids and parents and my nieces and nephew. The rest is the scary part….. Are you doing enough?

Are you telling stranger? Twitting, face booking, word of mouth, Instagram blah blah

It is A LOT of work….. is it worth it? Yes most definitely yes. I am tirelessly twitting and liking and responding but the most amazing things come from this. You find out that there are others like you WOW….. New authors that are trying to get the word out. I get to read other peoples work, encourage other writers and enjoy different perspectives and difficulties and journeys. It is well worth it. It is always worth it when I can add to my own collection of books. Not like I don’t already have a lot of books….

Well and besides doing all that, working the full time job and any other personal responsibilities I have, which is a lot, I need to get another book out.

So here is the link to my book, the picture of my pretty baby is there as well..



Have a Great Day!!

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