Working hard and trying for next level

So I have been working on my short stories, posting on social media and trying to get the word out. I feel frustrated by how my book is not getting the attention it deserves. I am hearing it is a great book, some small errors in the editing but all in all the story is solid. So what am I doing wrong?

I know this is a journey and the journey is filled with ups and downs but the downs suck immensely. I am not the most popular, I am a little awkward in social situations and when people ask about my book, I get so giddy still that I cant remember what my book is about. I have however explained my book several different ways that I wonder if people aren’t wondering “does she have more then one book out?”

So I wonder, if I was someone that was popular, you know the person you just have to know, would I do better? Am I killing my book?

Is it my fault that my characters look up at me and say, “thanks a lot loser!!!”

So I moved around a lot, I don’t trust some people, I alienate some people, I have made wrong decisions, I judge, I am not skinny and blond or beautiful. I don’t hang as much, I am older and I have children. With all my faults, I feel that my book shouldn’t be ostracized because of me!! In terms that we can pun about it…. Don’t judge a book by its writer!!!

So what to do? I work hard, I write another and another and another. Isn’t that my dream? To be a writer, I must write…. Isn’t that what I am doing? So I don’t give up, I prove my writing is amazing and when I am older, greyer and wiser– well sort of- I shall have a hundred dollars in my saving, my name is spoken a least on 20 peoples lips that don’t know me at all and I can go have dinner at red lobster by myself with said 100 dollars, then I have no savings……… hmmm

Well journey of no… what I do know is that I will never give up. I will never falter and I will get better at this editing thing… I promise!!



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