Its even more hard work and it gets worse

My very gullible thinking about how life would be after publishing– demolished

My support team– shaky but decent (thanks to coworkers and friends)

My confidence– nervous but still excited

Drama with every day– constant

What can I say? Rainbows and unicorns who pooped glitter and smiles in my direction isn’t the actual real life. My journey, like others that have ventured in the much bow down, amazing life of a writer, artist, or anything that doesn’t guarantee a paycheck from Wal-Mart, is a hard one. I imagined rubbing elbows with Stephen King and seeing my book in the arms of strangers and famous people.


Well that was a dream of some sorts, when I probably did crack while eating thirty cheeseburgers and drinking shots of Goldschlager (had to look it up to spell)…

But like all imaginary drunken dreams its far from it. Now with family drama like a plaque and dealing with emotions that are neither pretty or fun, I have to carry on. Like life we all face those crazy aspects of “am I ok?” Are we? I think we all question that. I think the more we treat someone like shit under our shoes the more we question it. But as a writer with confidence issues, I think we can all agree on this, the more drama the more we wonder.

What would our characters do? Hmm I guess it depends on which one, right?

But really to get to the serious talk and this is about a journey of a writer, the journey is never over. After publishing, there is still a lot of work, still a lot of keeping sane, keeping promises and keep writing. Keep your head up, keep those dreams alive, keep hustling!!

We are all in the same space and most of us have those demons. But like Sam and Dean in supernatural battling every week until next year (sad feelings) , all we need is the angel blade and a good burger… oh and an angel named Castiel and someone calling everyone “IDJITS”….. So to conclude this strange yet interesting topic of yet another part of my journey ……..we are going to be ok. If you don’t think you will be then I give you this…… they have oreos in stores, burgers with peanut butter and ice cream. They have ice cream… we will be ok… if you are on some kind of Keto diet– Bacon– they have BACON.


Thank you for listening to my rant and Good day!



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