To desk or not to desk??

So its a big belief, that the desk makes the writer.. I don’t think so but I don’t know what it is, when I buy a new book or desk its like, the best feeling ever!
I do love the new desk though, its all about position and room and the look. I wanted to make sure I was by the window, the room has to be clean and the desk set up… why?
I don’t think it matters but I love it anyway.
So I bought the new desk with the money from my book. Something about having a financial stream good enough to do that, makes it that much better. Now it wasn’t an expensive desk but it was still the thought that the money came from my book and it feels great. Like working for the first time and buying a cd or game or going to the movies.
So this journey so far has been an interesting one. One that I have learned from and the biggest thing I can say is; take your time.
Don’t rush the process, don’t promise anything and don’t feel the need to just “get it out there”.
It will then feel the need to s*&^ in your Wheaties. Rushing the job of a book its like anything rushed. Fixing a car- you need all the parts right?
So here is the horrible part………. it took me years to write my first book, but I allowed it to go out as quick as possible…. BAD BAD BAD
So if anything I can say, treat the last stages like you treat the writing, with caution, with care, with love.
I wish editors were cheaper.. Especially for new writers. I mean if you think about it, you have someone who is a writer and they don’t choose to be, its a drive. A pull a constant need. They are broke as broke can be. I work but I pay for everything, including anything for my writing. Its not cheap. But editors need money too…
I thankfully have a close friend who offered to do the job, she is possibly taken pity on me and my first book. But if she does the job then paying her wont be a problem.
So if you are self publishing, get a editor. Especially those of you that have that drive.. You have a great story…. But guess what– you suck when it comes to grammar… SUCKAGE. and maybe you aren’t horrible. Just me?? Well if what I wrote came across clear and amazing like its in my head, I wouldn’t need that editor… But we shall see. But one thing about editing especially if you dont have a following yet.. its will way more then you may make at first for that book.. but it may be worth it….

Have a great day

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