Ready or not….. not? and I have created a new word– maybe

So I am in full speed mode with the book tour just waiting on some go for it from some book stores. Now what to do… what to do?? Oh yea, I still have to write– that is the best part of this whole thing…. writing… I proudly tell people that Monday I go to my favorite job.. So I am finishing my short story collection and then I thought why not write a book on self publishing and what to do after the book is written..

Honestly the Internet was my biggest resource, but its the internet and there wasn’t anything out there that gets to the core of things. There are great books out there that give great information but to get a road map, an idea on what to do after– I cant find something from someone who has already self published and struggled. The idea that I had was different from the one I am in now.

So that’s my idea and I am working on that between the other books. So we shall see. Excited to pursue that part and then of course looking for the next best book. An idea that would blow my mind.. See my Vampire series was that and still is.. I love that book but being someone who self publishes its hard– that is why I am working so hard.. its a great idea and deserves the spotlight.

I know right- another author saying there book is amazing and so great – I know it is…. HUH my book has more confidence then me lol. Well another day and two more stories to write.. we shall see who I can offend today….

But let me leave you with a question….. do you feel that your book gets judged by its cover? So here’s a new word for those who don’t know– I am making it up now– a person who is racist against a genre because they don’t read those types of books– you ready? Here it is….. Genraism– an individual or individuals that judge a book by its —–genre… HA

I had to change the eism to aism because the definition for genreism is something about hip hop– so there u go– don’t be a Genraist .. love all books– read all books–

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