POST write and twiddling those thumbs

So I have written the book, edits a bit more needed to release the new book with its amazing cover. Excited but waiting and waiting. I have readers that some are done and some are not. Wouldnt you think with the quarantine that we would have more time? I thought so too. I feel that I am busier and time is limited. But like everyone else, we are finding ways to fill that time, right!!

Trying to find more money to make to pay those debts down while everyone is forgiving. It’s working but then where is my time?

My priorities are different, and my writing and blogging seemed to go down the drain with family time.

So I turned my phone off, made my tea with my new tea ball (yes the obsession with shopping, exists in my home), and opened my computer. Blogging first priority, 2nd looking over the edits, 3rd call the pharmacy to find out about essential prescriptions that have been on hold forever and then reading my book for edits.

I feel better about where my priorities are and walllllla, lets try being a good human again…

Or will I.

Thank you my dear followers and read on– stay safe and healthy and till we write again….

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