Twiddling of thy thumbs…

I guess that this was the moment I hated the most. The moment where I am not doing what I should be doing… and that is, write. With this whole pandemic, I have become busier than before. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy by the way.

I am waiting for other people who seem to have become busy too, so I can publish my book with its handy dandy new cover and edits. (which I am fine with their time, I want them to take their time) All I have to do is edit my short stories… easy right? Wrong. I don’t know if its the fear of completing something to just move on to my next project and knowing just how much of a failure I really am?

I know that I have to go back to my roots and just write. In the writing, publishing, and smile business, I have to maintain some sort of confidence. Otherwise, you have just wasted everybody’s time. I do mean everybody and even everything. From the time typing to the friends, family, and hopefully strangers that invest in your book.. Not really the book but in you.

They invest in you as a writer, hoping that you are someone with good ideas. They invest in your book because they want to know more of the stories.

So if your story sucks, they will no longer invest.

When I think of my first book, I myself fell in love with the story. The names and even the ending has changed since I first wrote it. But the bricks and mortor have always been in place. My story made me smile and thankfully others have enjoyed it as well. So yes when you write that first book almost everyone who cares for you will buy that book. But you have to write good grammar to capture everyone else. AND THAT HAS BEEN MY DOWNFALL… But I have learned that hard lesson.

So I bid you all good day.. stay safe and thank you for gathering at my process.


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