Depression? Anxiety? Nah, just taking my time in the bathroom…

So it had to be said, yes it had to be done. The not so silly topic of mental health during the path of being a writer. Are writers empaths? I have to wonder. Probably not all, but it sure seems like that. I mean we do have to feel all the feels because we are making the strong attempt on knowing how other people are feeling. We have to make the choice of killing someone, and then turn around and feel how everyone feels about that death.

Ok maybe not empaths but maybe more like lunatics. Who wants to feel everyone’s feels? I don’t like feeling my own feels. But we do have to touch on this subject, right? In this journey of being who I want to be, I find that I have my own demons. Those demons tend to become louder when I am not writing as much.

But writing isn’t the only issue, is it? In my case and probably a lot of us, we can be gathered with so many people, husband, wife, friends, and family but still feel alone. Still feel like the outsider, still feel like no one is there. Writing is even harder because as alone as I feel, putting myself out there makes you feel that not only will you be alone but you will be disliked, criticized, judged.

I think anytime someone puts themselves out there, that scare is real.

How scary is this topic? Lets be real here…… Why do we feel alone? I think, and I speak for myself at least. When something bad happens, when you feel lost…… is there someone actually in your life that you can talk to? Someone who wont reflect themselves in your cry for help. Someone who will listen and not talk. Someone who is willing to drive over to you and bring you a bottle of wine. We don’t always want someone to relate. Just listen and understand that this may be that cry for help. Or this may be just what we needed.

The part of being a writer is that for our imaginations to grow wild…. There are always someone willing to listen… we just don’t think it. Does this pandemic make things worse—- Heck yes.

So if this relates to you…. don’t imagine that you have no one. You do. You have someone that loves you and cares for you. You have someone in your life that would do anything to be there for you, if that meant that when they need you, that you would return the favor.

But if you truly felt that you have no one and things are too much to handle. Reach out, because I can guarantee that someone cares for you and sometimes its hard to see.

So I leave the information below for anyone that needs it.


And as always I shall talk to you all again, another time.

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