The new new cover……… newer then new.

I just talked to my good friend and amazing artist who is completing my new cover. Jeff has been a long time friend and coworker, and once saw I saw his art, I knew right away that I was going to have him do my cover.

We both share the same vision of what we want and because I don’t have one creative drawing bone in my body, I am super excited. I can draw stick people, but that’s pretty much it. The two covers that I had thought I would have to live with, had been the generic ones that I curl in the corner and pray that I am not doing something illegal. So this was a dream come true… I tried to give a certain family member a chance but the response time was 0. So my question would be to all you beautiful people would be,,………………………

When you are trying to live out your dream, or your dream for right now…….. do you get family support? I dont mean only the praise but do they buy your books, art pieces, poetry, anything you bravely create? Or do they help with creating your dream?

I hope so. I really do. The worst feeling in the world is not feeling that support. I think that if the people who do truly support you are there for you and your creative self then those people are who matter. My closest family are the best when it comes to it. So im lucky. Im talking family and friends.

Well I am done for right now but thank you from the depths of my heart. Talk to you all later…..

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