The Passion, The Writer, the self doubt?

Still in the process of becoming a famous writer. Writing stories and making it happen. A lot of self doubt tends to make the process hard to follow.

If you finally have the one book and said book is not how you saw it, but its done.. hurrah

The hold ups, the lack of time to write. The less then average readers (which i love you all and cherish every bit of you) all of it is maintainable and controllable. The self doubt is however no good.

But do you want to know what happens… you are editing and remember how much you love that story. How fun it was to write it. How great of a story that it was and is.

Done and just as quickly self doubt is gone. Was it questionable in the first place– god yes but no more….

Is it what is happening in our lives right now that messes with our sense of being a fab writer to a less of a good one– im sure. But time is fleeting and it gets better. Like my bestest of friends and family that I have in my life always remind me…………….. It gets better, it will get better.

Well as I always say, have a great day and battle on, whether just started out as a writer, or thinking about becoming one. Or maybe you are like me and finally trying to write other books. This journey is a long one, but we got this

2 thoughts on “The Passion, The Writer, the self doubt?

  1. So true, whether a writer or an artist, self doubt tends to throw hurdles. As you go those self doubt voices will become quieter and your writing will flourish even more. You got this and I can’t wait to read your book and more books to follow!


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