The egotistical, superficial, irresistible, cover and much much more…….

Now all that is said and done, book done, edits finally done…. what about your cover?

(screaming throughout the apartment, pulling ones hair out)

Mistakes happen, damage is done, the god awful cover that is out there is already on the book. So I redo, I make better decisions and I chose DUH DUH DUH… someone who is creative and knows what they are doing. But my patience is already thin and so I take a deep breath and I dont stalk said person. I am not in their window, right now, peeking thru the curtains. Looking to see if they are tirelessly trying to make the perfect cover art.

HA I am not.. I swear. Communication is key. Making sure that you have an idea about what you want. Making changes, and even though you want something, sometimes its not always for the best of that book. The stupid cover sales too. Make sure that there is a timeframe that you want this done, and if possible there is updates on what the creation looks like. I got lucky. I have a really good friend, that I’ve known for a very long time. He is creative and amazing and has worked really hard on this cover. I am forever grateful for him. I am trying to take a breath and let him do what he needs to do, without letting him know that those curtains are just not the right color for his living room.

Its important to remember that after the book is done, the cover artist or really anyone who had a hand in your book, you thank them. Place them in the book, where you can give them credit. Take them out to eat, buy them a present, name your children after them, something.

This journey is one that has been life long for me and for any of you that do something, worth fighting for. Doesn’t matter if your a writer, or an artist, or someone who just likes to make fishy faces in front of the mirror. Just do it. Learn from it and love it. Don’t forget about people and please please get new furniture cause if you are the ones helping the creator, they will see through your curtains as well.

Well as of right now I will leave you all with your thoughts.

So till next time…we shall write again


I am not a stalker, and I do not approve of stalking. This is of fictional use and will remain fictional.

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