Credit when credit is due

This journey has been a long one, I mean a really long and grueling one. Filled with mistakes, and cringe worthy moments. Tears and laughter but of course anger. The journey is still not over, I mean far from for a writer.

As a person, a mother, a wife, a friend, an aunt.. a person who still has to work to pay the bills, life can suck. Covid doesnt make this any easier. We all are fighting the good fight, except for my dog who is looking at me, like I need to stop writing and pet her.

Ok I am back

But between our personal lives and trying to make some kind of living as a writer, I forget a few things. A very good friend of mine asked me.. “do I write for fun?”

hmm that was a great question. As a writer, writing in general is fun. But I guess I would have to say I don’t do it as much. When I was writing my story, that was fun. I used to sit in my moms room, pen and paper in hand and music in background as I stared out her window. I used to write for hours, without knowledge or care about book deals, or making any income at all.

Have we lost our sense of what writing or dreaming in general was to us when we were younger, as we get older?

When we are younger, time is infinite. We don’t have a semblance of time or even that we are limited to the amount of it. But as we get older, the craft we loved becomes something that we want to make an actual job at. I mean as a person such as myself, to be a writer full time and be able to make a living from it…. who would of thunk it?

So yet again to answer my dear friend, no I don’t write for fun anymore… or do I?

Well as always, till we meet again. Keep writing/drawing/creating…. living

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