I’ll take a water with a side of apology, please!

Who said that writers have patience, literally no one. I’ll even say that anyone who is out there with their passion have little to no patience for waiting. We try, and obviously we have to have patience to get through our creative messes. But I’m talking about the people that are on our side, helping us make the good stuff come to life.

Those that help us whether friends, family, coworkers, strangers… anyone that we have to wait on to finish their part…

So right up front from all us of…… I am so so sorry.

Our rush or lack of patience for you to get your part done, can seem rude. It is not always the case. Its more like the excitement of taking your brand new, first time owned car and they are trying to fix the bridge that killed hundreds when it collapsed. Necessary fixes, annoyances but necessary fixes and repairs…

Does it make us any less dicks screaming profanities and other stupid stuff to those hard working people, no. But that is the stuff that make us humans, bad ones but still humans. I hope I am not that bad but I know that I have probably offended someone from a text or two when I didn’t have the best patience as a good little writer should have.

So for those of you that have wished for my death or ghosted me cause i smell weird, I appreciate what you guys do. You make my dreams come to life and while helping you with yours… Save the haunting for after death and that one politician that drove us all crazy… you know who you are.

Till we meet again… Keep being creative!!

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