Nothing going on except everything

Writing as a writer is far and few… except when your in the middle of your project— ie your book. So really for me at least, I like to finish one project at a time. Now that means, I write something then I research, edit, research, edit, correct, format, CRY… but as soon as I am done editing and getting it out there, I work on the next project. I think its important to concentrate on the project rather then, working on project and doing the small stuff for another project. I feel that my projects are like jealous relationships… if I would look at another project I would get an evil look from my project…

Now obviously things weren’t as perfect as what I thought it would be. My first book and I jumped the gun.. I know this… I made some bad decisions, worse decisions and some questionable decisions. But ultimately it is ok. Its out there and bad or good its out there.

So short blog or not.. Ive got some editing to do… of course..

Till we meet again.. Keep being Creative

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