So your ready… right?

In the middle of your writing/editing/publishing adventure, sometimes a lot of stress can happen… We can handle a little stress but what if there’s a lot of stress? What if your life gets turned upside down and you just cant seem to get out of that slump.

As I said in my previous blog.. its ok to take time for yourself and heal, but then there comes a time when you need to get back up and start again. Starting again is the absolute worse… whether its a diet, a workout plan, a job, writing that story that was lost, its still starting over again. But the great thing about being a creative person is, its not like starting over. Its more like a reboot.

Easy right?

I would love to say yes but sometimes it takes more tears then your willing to admit. Sometimes with going back too soon, you may not be ready or you are ready but you don’t think you are.

Then it can become writers block… for artists I’m assuming there’s a name for it as well, like the muse is being a dick. Whatever that name is, it affects all of us at one time or another.. if you are the lucky one that can absolutely say that it has never happened to you… then good for you!! As I say with a nasty look in the corner as the rest of us stare at you uncomfortably for a while…

But anyway with all of that in the back of your minds… so now that we have had time to get back to life, be ready to deal with the back up stuff… All of the stuff we ignored or let go….

Good Luck with that… but you got this!! After you get organized, you apologize, you stop alienating, stop binge eating.. except that burger joint,.. you know which one… its time to dive back into what makes you truly happy.

This will make your life worth living, worth celebrating, worth being active in. This will make your days that have become difficult lately.. not so bad,, tolerable to say the least. Get back on that horse and write… If you stare at that blank page for more then an hour, pull back and take just a little more break. Write a blog, write an entry in your journal, draw some stick figures for your nieces or nephews. Paint some leaves on that tree outside.. Read a book or look at nature– whatever made you love your art in the first place…. Whatever you need to do, don’t let that writers block take you away from your creative self…. It is not forever.. It is not the suckage of your talent. After that writers block or any block pasts, you will be amazing again. You will come out at the end of that horrible tunnel with work that you can smile again at…

I promise.

Well Till we meet again…. keep being creative!!

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