Again and again and again…?

What would you say if you were stuck in a loop of some sort? What if you feel this sense of deja vu about something you already did?

Well if your any kind of frustrated writer… (i dont know about artists…. recreating a painting would be annoying)…. sometimes you have to rewrite your baby… Your prized pig. Your first born that you have waited years to see in bloom. The embaressement, the frustration, the anger ….. all that just because you rushed or wasnt careful who you trusted…..

But the good news is….. its finally done. Its out there like a beautiful piece of work. This blog was probably written already—- thus the groundhog whine, but its done. Your first book, finished and pretty is out there.

and boy is it pretty.

Sales are not pretty…. I need those to be the successful writer but even though the money would be nice at this point….. it is not that easy… I cant just climb into the writer ring and take the gold…. God no.

I have to work hard for it…..

I call this the stranger chapter….. Friends and family will possibly buy the book— what we need is that stranger or strangers. Without that that loop will be ever repeating.

But my theory will be write the first book— check

Write the second book

Write the third book

Find publisher


We shall see…………..

Well it has been a blast…. yet again but gotta keep going.

Till we meet again.. Keep being creative.

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