The journey so far

I wish there was a way to see into the future to have a moment of what happens with my choices that I make. A glimpse that would tell me if I made a choice that would be right or wrong. I think we all have that wish. Or maybe we don’t. Its like knowing our death day. Knowing what would happen could possibly change my choice, thus changing the future, thus changing the outcome.

Did my cover turn out well?

Was the book a success?

Did I feel good my book?

How many do I end up writing?

Did I ever get published?

Those questions definitely would be in my top 500, besides the questions like, did I raise a bunch of jerks? Are my friends actual sociopath’s? Does Adam Cole become president?(please no)

But really and truly, the journey so far has been an interesting one. Triumph, tears, screams, anger, elation, worry, and other emotions that I think are illegal in 50 states. But the one thing I could say about my journey is I would do it all again. Maybe change a few things about the journey that should have been different but ultimately stay the same.


I am finishing my short story book. It is about 14 stories of interesting outcomes, ones that most of my characters probably wished that they had a small glimpse to the future. But they all have to find out the hard way on living their life.

Till we meet again…. Stay creative

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