Porch thieves and conspiracy??

So exciting news has finally come to light… My second book is now ready to be live, whether I am ready or not…

I finished my book on both the Amazon and Barnes and Nobles platforms. I received my first book to approve the cover.. made changes, received it again, and done… Perfection as it can be without someone professional. But then I approved the book at the other platform and I was waiting, not so patiently for the book to come in… guess what???

I was gone that day and I received notification that it came in a few hours before I would get home…… Well, I came home and no package….. NOOOOOOOOOOO.

I knew that cover was going to be fine but because it wasn’t in my hands, I of course was nervous– especially since my first book was such a cluster mess, of not-so-nice adventures and learning curbs…

So I took this as another learning curb– Funny story, horrible porch thieves but I figured… if someone has my book,,, maybe just maybe a stranger will finally buy my book. Right!! Amazon refunded my money, which was great but all in all, I am ok with someone stealing my book… Doesn’t that mean that in a weird way it was worth something?


I am a big believer that if someone steals something of mine, then they needed it more than me. Now that doesn’t mean that stealing is ok and yes it still sucks but HEY I hope whoever steals it, actually reads it and goes “wow, a really good book.” Now if karma can just play her part and have its way with their salad and give them a case of the stomach blues for stealing my book… I know I know, I shouldn’t think that way. But I am a writer and well we write characters in worse dilemmas.

But anyway… All of my links are at the bottom and I hope that a stranger, whoever you are, buys my short storybook, and my first book and you get it safe and sound.

By the way, this is a true story and the conspiracy is…. did I just do this to promote my book???

No otherwise I would have thought of something like that for my first book

Barnes and nobles

The Love of a vampire

The Love Of A Vampire by Jene’ Lindor, Ryan Bishop, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)


The Love of a Vampire and Stories to keep you warm at night

Amazon.com : jene lindor

Facebook Page

Jene Lindor :Author and wrangler of stories galore | Facebook

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