Another Book, I say

All is said and not done or never done, I think

After completing a book or two or maybe three, I expect to write more. It’s a need and a want. But whether it’s fear of continuing on perfectly or other book ideas, it can be difficult. Ideas are not the issue, it’s the fear for me. The fear, I can get over, I know but still fear anyway. Anyone can get over the fear, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t keep us from doing something right away. I am excited about writing the next book and that means finding a publisher, then its fear of rejection…. our oldest and meanest of friends.

I am hoping after advertisement, some ok sales, a somewhat known circle of amazing buyers, and other stuff that I have come far enough to get attention from someone that wants my books. I will try when I am ready and that is when I start writing and finish chapters. So wish me luck,,,, I will need it.

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