How to begin. Again. And again…. and again?

A continuation of something… is not as easy as I thought. A plan , an idea, characters, why would someone continue this story…. I am literally asking. Why would a person put so much stress in their life……

Not only do you worry about the public but your own opinion.  I mean if your characters aren’t behaving and choose to not care. They chose to go from the nice old lady to the gta bad ass and shoot down a couple people.

Characters can take on their own personality but what if their personality sucks? What if you have a bunch of Karen’s or a bunch of hitlers???

Annoying people who run amuck causing unnecessary drama….

Thank God that I have my God button called the delete button. Baaaaaaa haaaaaa

But back to the continuation of a story..sequel of the original story. In my annoying case the story was supposed to be …..beginning middle and then the end. Thankfully with maturity,  lots of movies and my own opinions I didn’t want the simple….life isn’t simple..

Well after I do research on some things and work on a couple family tree stuff let the 2nd book begin…

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