Scattered life — hard to write

Yes, the ego of my writer ways did create the only license in Minnesota to say, writer. Full on, egotistic, brand spanking new, everyone knows me now, license plate. I am ok with this because I know the struggle that I have had to get where I am. I built myself from ground zero, less than zero, with a dream that I thought was so far off, it was someone else’s dream.

The question I have with myself however is….. what am I doing with such arrogance? How am I spending all this energy and creative wit? Am I writing? Am I taking a shot of tequila as yet another book has been completed? Um no. This year has thrown my life into another loop of “crazy life… hard to write.”

Between the deaths of family and friends, broken and torn limbs, working a lot and just messy messes, my life, me, my home, and my closest are messy, jumbled, and crazy. I decided that I needed to at least write a blog. Writing something, anything is better than nothing. The good thing is, is that I will get there. I have more stories in me. I am not done. Well, I am done writing this blog but just for right now.

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