New Year, New you?

Have you ever gone into the new year and said to yourself that, this was the year that your life would be different. Your life was going to change. Who doesn’t… Yes, probably a group of people does exist, that doesn’t feel the need to continue torturing themselves… You may be one of them as my faithful reader. I feel that this is different. I feel that I am ready.

What do I mean by this?

From the beginning of my blogs, I have always been clear about my intention of being a published writer with an actual publisher-agent. I mean, don’t get me wrong, being published in any platform, you are published… I am published. But to fit in the palm, of what I think is professional publishing that has been my dream since I was little. I was on my mother’s typewriter, facing the window and telling this story. A story that made me excited to someday see it on the shelf of a public library. To see it in a stranger’s or nonstranger’s hand. To make a living, to just write stories that are in my head.

It wasn’t about money when I was little. Now it’s just wanting to do what I love and being able to just do that and nothing else. I am so close and know that when I seek that agent, I will do it.

I am ready

Who is with me? We are dreamers that have a feeling of constant need and want. It is our time.

Go with your bad self and get down to business!!

Till we meet again… Keep being creative.

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