When life gave me a margarita, dang it, I just drank it.

No, not an alcoholic or even an avid drinker. It is just one of the many synonyms for when life is going bad, make something positive out of it. But in this case, life isn’t terrible so run with it. My life isn’t terrible when it comes to my professional life at least for right now.

I have such a bad memory that I have to basically research my first book, to write a solid second book. Probably my fault for not writing it right away. So I have to make family trees, descriptions of characters, important timelines, and stuff like that.

I already have a direction for my books and where I want to go, what I would foresee for the future of my books, and so on.

Then, in the thick of it all, study the illusive, annoying, passive-aggressive, psychotic, wouldn’t want to take it to any party, “the proper way to add the COMMA.”

I hate editing, I hate commas. I feel like commas are like car payments. No fun, but necessary. Some people choose not to use them, but some people need to. I mean, yes we all should use commas, but you know.

That one person, (Karen) that rants on and on about how wrong you are for living your life and feels the need to not use commas or periods and gets all judgy about you when they should take care of their own bizness……..

On a side note, some of my good friends are named Karen, and they are the best people. Like one of my original editors, Karen I love you sweetie. I am going to vote to change “Karen” to a different name.. They can use mine.. it’s ok.. Just remember renaa with a j.

Well, this blog got way outta hand, but I have some writing to do.

Till we meet again… Keep being creative.

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