Back at it again….. I hope

So far, it has been a roller coaster of a ride. If you are a writer that is just starting out, a writer that isn’t making “the real money” yet or just hasn’t felt comfortable enough to quit, then you all know the feeling. The same feeling that I have. Will I ever just be able to be a writer without having to work a second job? For me, because I can’t just sit at home and write, I have to work a full-time job. So I only get so much time to write but I know that I will get there. So will you!!

For some of us, writing isn’t just about making money. It’s about the thrill of someone reading my book. It’s the writing on my computer and knowing that one day it will be on someone’s shelf or iPad. It’s knowing that if I go to a library, I may find my book. But I want to just write one-day full time, and just write. Who knows. If I can ever finish this book, a publisher I will seek and maybe I can get lucky. Sorry about the rant… But anyway, now that I am done doing most of my research on my own book, I now have permission to just write. My poor sister, however, is just editing her second book. Love you Lacie!! Writing is the best part, the only part that we love. I am sure there are those psychos that enjoy editing and for you writers of a different breed, I will look at you through a magnifying glass, and wonder what Alien race you came from….

But in the meantime my dear readers, writers, artists, positive thinkers of this world and Westworld… tee hee…

Till we meet again… Keep being creative.

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