Busy Life– Writers nightmare.

Tired man being overloaded at work

I know I have written about being too busy, which we all feel the same. The older I get, the more I understand the saying, “Not enough time in the day.” That is such a true statement. So how does one make time for life, children, work, our dreams, our hobbies, and then of course the most important… that self-care thing? What self-care thing? What is that? Unfortunately with our lives being the way that they are, that self-care is the first thing that goes away. Some of you look at this and say… “Nope, not me. That self-care comes first….”

I agree with that statement, but do I live by that statement? No. This is why Mental Health is such a problem in our country. We don’t care for ourselves. No wonder we have stopped caring for each other. But getting back to what I can control. Which is me and what I want to live by.

I want to be a kind person

I want to make sure that my family knows that I love them.

I want to be a writer until I can no longer verbally or physically tell a story

I want to not be homeless

I want to surround myself with people that strive for better and make me better.

Last but not least I want to keep being creative and hope that you are too, whatever that means.

Till we meet again… keep being creative!!

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