Professional help indeed…. aaarrg

I will admit (with head hung low) that sometimes necessary assistance is … well necessary. Between friends and family sometimes outside help is needed. Usually with a program or format or whatever it is.

We have to take the high road, pull up our big girly or boy panties and go get that help… Unfortunately that sometimes means paying some out of pocket monies. But if you come so close to a project, you do whatever is necessary to make it happen….

This is why most of us have that full time job ………

This is a quick blog but I’m in the middle of working on my short story project…… so

Till we meet again… Keep being creative.

I’ll take a water with a side of apology, please!

Who said that writers have patience, literally no one. I’ll even say that anyone who is out there with their passion have little to no patience for waiting. We try, and obviously we have to have patience to get through our creative messes. But I’m talking about the people that are on our side, helping us make the good stuff come to life.

Those that help us whether friends, family, coworkers, strangers… anyone that we have to wait on to finish their part…

So right up front from all us of…… I am so so sorry.

Our rush or lack of patience for you to get your part done, can seem rude. It is not always the case. Its more like the excitement of taking your brand new, first time owned car and they are trying to fix the bridge that killed hundreds when it collapsed. Necessary fixes, annoyances but necessary fixes and repairs…

Does it make us any less dicks screaming profanities and other stupid stuff to those hard working people, no. But that is the stuff that make us humans, bad ones but still humans. I hope I am not that bad but I know that I have probably offended someone from a text or two when I didn’t have the best patience as a good little writer should have.

So for those of you that have wished for my death or ghosted me cause i smell weird, I appreciate what you guys do. You make my dreams come to life and while helping you with yours… Save the haunting for after death and that one politician that drove us all crazy… you know who you are.

Till we meet again… Keep being creative!!

Nothing going on except everything

Writing as a writer is far and few… except when your in the middle of your project— ie your book. So really for me at least, I like to finish one project at a time. Now that means, I write something then I research, edit, research, edit, correct, format, CRY… but as soon as I am done editing and getting it out there, I work on the next project. I think its important to concentrate on the project rather then, working on project and doing the small stuff for another project. I feel that my projects are like jealous relationships… if I would look at another project I would get an evil look from my project…

Now obviously things weren’t as perfect as what I thought it would be. My first book and I jumped the gun.. I know this… I made some bad decisions, worse decisions and some questionable decisions. But ultimately it is ok. Its out there and bad or good its out there.

So short blog or not.. Ive got some editing to do… of course..

Till we meet again.. Keep being Creative

So your ready… right?

In the middle of your writing/editing/publishing adventure, sometimes a lot of stress can happen… We can handle a little stress but what if there’s a lot of stress? What if your life gets turned upside down and you just cant seem to get out of that slump.

As I said in my previous blog.. its ok to take time for yourself and heal, but then there comes a time when you need to get back up and start again. Starting again is the absolute worse… whether its a diet, a workout plan, a job, writing that story that was lost, its still starting over again. But the great thing about being a creative person is, its not like starting over. Its more like a reboot.

Easy right?

I would love to say yes but sometimes it takes more tears then your willing to admit. Sometimes with going back too soon, you may not be ready or you are ready but you don’t think you are.

Then it can become writers block… for artists I’m assuming there’s a name for it as well, like the muse is being a dick. Whatever that name is, it affects all of us at one time or another.. if you are the lucky one that can absolutely say that it has never happened to you… then good for you!! As I say with a nasty look in the corner as the rest of us stare at you uncomfortably for a while…

But anyway with all of that in the back of your minds… so now that we have had time to get back to life, be ready to deal with the back up stuff… All of the stuff we ignored or let go….

Good Luck with that… but you got this!! After you get organized, you apologize, you stop alienating, stop binge eating.. except that burger joint,.. you know which one… its time to dive back into what makes you truly happy.

This will make your life worth living, worth celebrating, worth being active in. This will make your days that have become difficult lately.. not so bad,, tolerable to say the least. Get back on that horse and write… If you stare at that blank page for more then an hour, pull back and take just a little more break. Write a blog, write an entry in your journal, draw some stick figures for your nieces or nephews. Paint some leaves on that tree outside.. Read a book or look at nature– whatever made you love your art in the first place…. Whatever you need to do, don’t let that writers block take you away from your creative self…. It is not forever.. It is not the suckage of your talent. After that writers block or any block pasts, you will be amazing again. You will come out at the end of that horrible tunnel with work that you can smile again at…

I promise.

Well Till we meet again…. keep being creative!!

Don’t forget to write oh and breathe.. breathing is important!!

So much has happened in my life as of late and unfortunately a lot of important events, people, and things have been thrown to the wayside. I of course, as an adult, knew that everything would eventually get better but for a while I was drowning. Thank god for life preservers…. people and my own strength. I think as a society we forget that we need those two things, or we forget we have them. I am very lucky that I have so many amazing people that are in my life, but we don’t always have a way to remember that, when we are so deep in the mud. As I wept hard in my closet and I didnt think I would stop or get out of the closet, I had choices to make.

I could either stay in this closet and stop existing or I can get out of this closet and be me. Be who a lot of people depend on and of course who I need. It was a dark place but like I said I knew that it would get better. We have to remember to breathe and keep breathing. It may feel like the other would be better, no more pain, no more hurt, no more. But what about love, friendship, karaoke, Legos, DnD, summers, winters, nature, books, movies, Netflix, art. What about when things aren’t so bad,

For me it was my writing, friends and family and the days where I can laugh fully again, without afterthought.

But even if we can’t remember those things at the moment, they are there. There was a really cool post on Facebook that basically said, “I would rather talk to you about your problems than lose you for them.” That is so true. If you were like me and I was in a room full of people but I felt utterly alone, we sometimes have to find that strength that we all have. It’s there and will be there when we are at the most desperate. Then we can find that one person who can help.

Another important aspect that I forgot is to be patient with yourself. I hurt myself a lot by feeling like I had to jump into my life right away. Some forms of our lives we have to… children, work, eating. But things like writing can wait until we are ready. Writing, reading, drawing, painting, exercising…. anything that brings us absolute joy can wait just a bit more. They will be there when you’re ready.

So don’t be too hard on yourself, reach out when you need help and remember we all have that strength that is there when you need it most.

Till we meet again. Keep being creative!!

Groundhog day.. what?? Not again……

So the book is out … yet again

Cover is amazing- that’s very new– my beautiful cover artist is the bomb

Here is the Link just because I like to share

The Love of a Vampire: Lindor, Jene’ Annhope: 9781794574847: Books

I boosted the post– yet again

Nerves, Anxiety, worry- yet again

The thoughts as a self published writer is probably the equivalent of a cockroach at a dance contest. Frosty during summer in Florida– oh never mind he’s gone. Thoughts are.. will it sale, will people read it, will it suck?

Well I am passed some of those worries, but I pray that one person, one stranger, one individual buys the book and shares it. All of my family and friends are amazing but just one stranger. One person who knows nothing of who I am. I could be a total jerk but who cares…. Its the book, the story that counts. I know that this journey of who I am has been a long one, a tedious one but still an amazing one.

But as I always say the journey is not over and maybe it never will be. I love writing. Even if I won the lottery I would still write. I know artists like that. To think that a person can actually be happy doing what they love and be willing to do such thing, even when u don’t have too.

Till we meet again.. Keep writing.

Credit when credit is due

This journey has been a long one, I mean a really long and grueling one. Filled with mistakes, and cringe worthy moments. Tears and laughter but of course anger. The journey is still not over, I mean far from for a writer.

As a person, a mother, a wife, a friend, an aunt.. a person who still has to work to pay the bills, life can suck. Covid doesnt make this any easier. We all are fighting the good fight, except for my dog who is looking at me, like I need to stop writing and pet her.

Ok I am back

But between our personal lives and trying to make some kind of living as a writer, I forget a few things. A very good friend of mine asked me.. “do I write for fun?”

hmm that was a great question. As a writer, writing in general is fun. But I guess I would have to say I don’t do it as much. When I was writing my story, that was fun. I used to sit in my moms room, pen and paper in hand and music in background as I stared out her window. I used to write for hours, without knowledge or care about book deals, or making any income at all.

Have we lost our sense of what writing or dreaming in general was to us when we were younger, as we get older?

When we are younger, time is infinite. We don’t have a semblance of time or even that we are limited to the amount of it. But as we get older, the craft we loved becomes something that we want to make an actual job at. I mean as a person such as myself, to be a writer full time and be able to make a living from it…. who would of thunk it?

So yet again to answer my dear friend, no I don’t write for fun anymore… or do I?

Well as always, till we meet again. Keep writing/drawing/creating…. living

The egotistical, superficial, irresistible, cover and much much more…….

Now all that is said and done, book done, edits finally done…. what about your cover?

(screaming throughout the apartment, pulling ones hair out)

Mistakes happen, damage is done, the god awful cover that is out there is already on the book. So I redo, I make better decisions and I chose DUH DUH DUH… someone who is creative and knows what they are doing. But my patience is already thin and so I take a deep breath and I dont stalk said person. I am not in their window, right now, peeking thru the curtains. Looking to see if they are tirelessly trying to make the perfect cover art.

HA I am not.. I swear. Communication is key. Making sure that you have an idea about what you want. Making changes, and even though you want something, sometimes its not always for the best of that book. The stupid cover sales too. Make sure that there is a timeframe that you want this done, and if possible there is updates on what the creation looks like. I got lucky. I have a really good friend, that I’ve known for a very long time. He is creative and amazing and has worked really hard on this cover. I am forever grateful for him. I am trying to take a breath and let him do what he needs to do, without letting him know that those curtains are just not the right color for his living room.

Its important to remember that after the book is done, the cover artist or really anyone who had a hand in your book, you thank them. Place them in the book, where you can give them credit. Take them out to eat, buy them a present, name your children after them, something.

This journey is one that has been life long for me and for any of you that do something, worth fighting for. Doesn’t matter if your a writer, or an artist, or someone who just likes to make fishy faces in front of the mirror. Just do it. Learn from it and love it. Don’t forget about people and please please get new furniture cause if you are the ones helping the creator, they will see through your curtains as well.

Well as of right now I will leave you all with your thoughts.

So till next time…we shall write again


I am not a stalker, and I do not approve of stalking. This is of fictional use and will remain fictional.

The Passion, The Writer, the self doubt?

Still in the process of becoming a famous writer. Writing stories and making it happen. A lot of self doubt tends to make the process hard to follow.

If you finally have the one book and said book is not how you saw it, but its done.. hurrah

The hold ups, the lack of time to write. The less then average readers (which i love you all and cherish every bit of you) all of it is maintainable and controllable. The self doubt is however no good.

But do you want to know what happens… you are editing and remember how much you love that story. How fun it was to write it. How great of a story that it was and is.

Done and just as quickly self doubt is gone. Was it questionable in the first place– god yes but no more….

Is it what is happening in our lives right now that messes with our sense of being a fab writer to a less of a good one– im sure. But time is fleeting and it gets better. Like my bestest of friends and family that I have in my life always remind me…………….. It gets better, it will get better.

Well as I always say, have a great day and battle on, whether just started out as a writer, or thinking about becoming one. Or maybe you are like me and finally trying to write other books. This journey is a long one, but we got this

Mentally preparing to be Mental….

Lets not ignore that this is 2020 but add on top of 2020 everything else besides that. Relationships that go from good to bad, jobloss, sickness, family bs, kids failing in classes, but last and the most important, lack of motivation when trying to finish a book or two.

More time to do stuff seems to give me less time to complete stuff.. if i was in math class that equation would be so confusing.

All in all its still a waiting game. Waiting on others to help finish your goal, which is very necessary. But i only wait because who im waiting for is picked for their talent…well worth it….

So till next time…we shall write again